The Year of the Go-Getter

Strength & Courage, Fitness Forever
Strength and Courage, Fitness Forever

Darts spewed from my eyes as I sat across from an old acquaintance on Christmas break after he snickered to me, “Janessa, not everyone is like you… a Go-Getter, making moves, and all. Some of us are okay with just getting by.”

I cocked my head sideways, ice-grill-eyes-wide gaze; a classic HBIC moment. Few seconds had passed as I tried to absorb yet decipher this noise. How could he have said that, I thought, utter those words to me, haphazardly, in that exact tone. He’s heard my war-stories: life’s puncture wounds still mar my flesh with my brushes with life’s defeats. He knows what I’ve overcome personally and professionally to stand so confidently today. Dammit; no he didn’t!

I datamined so deep in my subconscious wondering what have I done to make him feel so small. Why is he in attack mode, me being the brunt of his inadequacies? I shifted my head straight to lean in for one long pranayama, just before I read him his rights….

 “How dare you alienate me for my panache, my perseverance, and my passion to live the fullest life … unapologetically?

How meek are you?”

And it was written, he had it coming. We were days away from 2015: the social-intellectual movement of women & men have leaped and bounded by universal gateways through the use of technology, educational & economic advancement and yes, the pursuit of equality. To him, I may be am just a trainer that bounces around the city working out with colorful headbands, athletic gear and cute sneaks. But I’m much more: I run Better Fit Body – a lifestyle brand, a fitness company, whose success has been backed by many sleepless nights and lonely days. I sacrificed friends, family and lovers for this passion I have. While most my age lived in gossip blogs, I lived in books: authored by fitness philosophers and bio-mechanical gurus both new and old. I’ve done the gamut and then some: from boot camps to group ex to personal training to fitness modeling to sponsored athlete to paid motivational speaker to sales manager and back. I paid my dues in time and energy, the only two currencies this thing called life runs on. As each sun rises and sets, I will go out and get mine.

#NoExcuses #NoTimeToFakeJacks

In my lifetime, I’ve been told a million reasons why I couldn’t, but I did it anyway. Naively (maybe arrogantly) I thought “they just weren’t talking to me… they must’ve me confused for someone else.” My former boss and mentor, Marie, told me Success Is The Best Revenge. Yes, I sat out from 2011-2014 to watch from the sidelines the trends that I knew would pop as I built my business and grew my network. But now in 2015, the year of 8, the year of “infinity,” I will come full circle and allow my purpose to shine through.

This is the year of the legacy – what story will 2015 speak of you?

This year is for my grandmother who raised her 12+ children as a single mother, emigrating from Haiti to New York on a 3rd grade education. This is dedicated to my mother, who struggled with breast cancer silently since 2007. This is dedicated to my father who always believed I could and I will. This is for my very first client, Blaire, struck by fear to balance on one foot at age 67 to only ice-skate two years later. This is for every client who ever gave up, moved on, quit but came back. This is for all the ex’s who told me that I was too obsessed about my career and left me because I was too ambitious for a relationship.

This is for my future children, to let them know that All Things Are Possible with Faith and a little bit of elbow grease. This is for ME in 2015. This year is personal.

Welcome to Better Fit Body. Lose Weight | Recondition | Transform.