42 Days of Yoga

Commencing on Monday April 13th 2015, my team and I have been challenged to take on 42 days of Yoga. We’ve already prepared for it: Manduka Mats on deck, Yoga straps & blocks on order, and we each have signed up for New Student Classes with studios no more than 5 miles away from our home. Heck, some of us even have online platforms like YogaGlo or Dirty Yoga downloaded and ready to press play.

We are committed to taking our health seriously as well as our clients. So we challenged one another to do this feat together; after all, there’s no better way of experiencing transformations in life then living through it with those you know, love, or trust going all in with you. This is one of the many reasons why Yoga is addicting. Not for the OM’s and chanting”Chanti-Chanti” for spiritual revelations, it’s for the community. At Better Fit Body, we are a tribe of tight-knit wellness aficionados blessed to live passionately, doing what we love and earning our bragging rights one body, one experience and one betterment at a time.

We live this life and live for this life, daily; and we welcome Yoga into our practice of #beastmode and #fitliving. Follow us on #42DaysofYoga