Rave Reviews: Arthritic Joints but I’m Scuba Diving Anyway

I started working with Janessa to improve my balance and strength, and to prepare for an upcoming scuba diving trip.  Seven months later,  I have achieved all the goals I set for myself, and with Janessa’s coaching, I have been able to go way beyond what I originally set out to accomplish.

With extremely broad skills that enable her to find the right combination of exercises and equipment to assure improvements rapidly and consistently, she designs new and different sessions, making adjustments to suit individual strengths and weaknesses, while providing an interesting and challenging experience. She will recommend activities and develop individualized self-directed exercise instructions that allow you to work independently, building both skill and confidence.  She is extremely comfortable and capable in finding the best combination of hands-on training, self-directed gym sessions and at-home exercises to meet your personal needs.

Janessa is also an excellent coach: continuously assesses your progress and quickly makes adjustments in programs to target any new issues or injuries, to assure a high level of motivation, and to make it enjoyable.  She develops demanding workouts and is very good at pushing just hard enough to get you to the next workout level.

It is a pleasure to work with Janessa.  She is very serious about helping her clients meet their goals, but she also has a great sense of humor and a manner that makes working with her very interesting and fun.

– Melanie