Rave Reviews: From Can’t to Capable

Janessa was my personal trainer for approximately 6 months before I moved out of NYC. I came to Janessa with very specific weight loss and fitness goals as well as an ongoing knee injury and to say we knocked those goals out of the water is an understatement. Janessa’s expertise and personal investment in achieving my goals were instrumental in my meeting them. She’s tough…. but in the way you want and expect from a trainer. She worked out very quickly what I was capable of and kept pushing me – where I often surprised myself by what I could do. And what used to also impress me is that outside of our sessions she would contact me… to keep me motivated or with information or advice on topics we had discussed during our session. Thanks to Janessa I was also in peak form during my pregnancy – she taught me skills that I use outside of any training session. Always professional, always quick, highly driven to help and she invests so much of herself in each of her clients. I highly recommend Janessa